Risk Management Webinar (Recording)


Thank you to everyone who attended our risk management webinar about how digital condition reporting can impact your organization’s cybersecurity, sustainability, and staff time.

In the webinar, we discussed:

  • How to avoid cybersecurity risks when collaborating with partner institutions – your data needs protecting!
  • From lofty to achievable, how your organisation can practically meet the Paris Agreement goals
  • What institutions aren’t doing that could save weeks of staff time
  • How using unsecure methods and tools puts insurance claims at risk – and what to do about it

Click here to download the presentation

If you’re interested in learning more about why your risk management strategy isn’t complete without considering digital condition reporting, please get in touch via the form above.


Incorporating digital condition reporting into your processes just got easier, as you can now send your object details to Articheck at the click of a button with the new API integration with ArtPlus and MuseumPlus, allowing users to create and access Articheck condition reports from their CMS.

With the Articheck <> MuseumPlus / ArtPlus integration you can:

  • Save time. Create condition reports at the click of a button from within ArtPlus and MuseumPlus – no more copying and pasting collection records!
  • Make fewer errors. Object details are passed directly from your CMS to Articheck via the integration.
  • Easily access reports. View report PDFs in ArtPlus and MuseumPlus, report data automatically syncs to your CMS.


To find out more, watch our integration walkthrough video and get in touch via the form above.