Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Articheck integrates with all CMS and databases to some extent. In addition to an API, we have import/ export CSV/ XML / PDF and image capabilities.  Here is a list of CMS we have higher level integrations with. Use our live chat to find out more.

Not anymore! Articheck has a web app as well as iOS app, so can be accessed by any mobile device or computer. Use our live chat for more details.

We have a plan to suit your needs, and if you don’t think you see the right thing for you, please indicate your requirements on our live chat and we’ll figure it out!

Another important thing to remember is that time is money. We save you lots of time. An average month of staff time for every 280 reports made! What could you do with an extra month or 2? Add an art fair, survey a neglected collection, or sail around a continent? Let us know on the live chat what a good time would be to call and help you make a business case for Articheck.

We use the leading provider of secure services for our servers, Amazon AWS. They have been audited to the highest standards of security compliance and are used by organisations such as the US government and the BBC. We use 128-bit encryption to ensure that data transferred from devices to our cloud infrastructure is done so securely. We are committed to ensuring that our clients data is secure and accessible only to them. Find more “technically-phrased” information here:

All the API traffic between is secured by HTTPS/SSL and the data access is secured using OAuth2, which is one of the main industry standards for securing APIs.

Yes. Articheck upgrades operate just like any other smartphone app, and will come directly to your device when an update is available on the App Store. Just to double check, go to iPhone/iPad Settings → iTunes and App Store → Automatic Downloads. The web app is also automatically updated.

No. Articheck is a closed system, and other people will only see reports if you purposefully share them (i.e. for loans, travelling exhibitions, etc.)

Yes, if you are using our iOS app. You don’t need a wifi connection to create, save or finish a report using the iOS app. When you are next connected to an internet network, you can upload the offline draft reports or update under the ‘Upload Queue’ section. The web app requires an online connection.

You can access them within Articheck (as an Articheck file) in the app or web app (from any device or location), or export them as PDFs. Please be aware that once the report leaves Articheck’s secure environment, you should take extra precautions to protect your PDFs and ensure they are stored in a protected area.

You can update your reports from the web or iOS app. Simply search to find the report, tap on it and hit ‘Update Report’. This will create a new version of the report that is open for editing, and keep the historic details locked for editing.

Technically, you can add as many images as you’d like to your reports.  However, the more images you add, the longer the report will take to download, which can interrupt your workflow. It is recommended to try and limit each report to 20 images at most.  If a single report requires more than 50 photos, it is best to create multiple versions for the same object and label them as such (i.e. ‘TITLE’ 1 of 3, ‘TITLE’ 2 of 3, etc.)

Yes, you can share your condition reports with anyone you want to, as a read-only report or with updating privileges. They will be given access to a free account, which they can upgrade if they need to.
The web app has the same functionality as the iOS app, except it can’t work off-line. You can create a report entirely from the web app, or from the iOS app, including image annotations and groups.
Annotations on the web app are new and a bit more basic, but we’ll be refining them soon. Find out more
If your query isn’t answered here, please get in touch.