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Taking condition beyond the report.

Trusted by museums, galleries, shippers and conservators across the world.

Quick, easy, secure, shareable and standardised

Easily create a highly professional report. Articheck accommodates everything from a 2 min quick report to a 300 page highly detailed conservator’s report. Highlight damage easily and create an auditable trail for your objects.
“Articheck has made my work on exhibitions so much easier! It not only saves me time, but has taken my condition reports to the next level of professionalism.”
Amanda Kohn
Registrar, Portland Art Museum

On the go or at your desk!

Articheck exists as an iOS and web app, and can be used from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Your reports sync across all devices keeping your team, clients and collaborators updated wherever they are.
"Articheck is a fantastic tool for fine art shippers. We love it."
Clyde Kent
Gander & White Shipping

Articheck works with all CMS and databases

“Articheck has been developed by people who understand the needs of collections management and conservators. It’s been so helpful for working on loans and a large survey we are completing. It syncs well with TMS and we are actively recommending it to partners we work with.”
Sara Frankel
Harvard CHSI

Virtual Courier

New from Articheck, Virtual Courier is the world’s first software system designed to reduce risk before, during, and after shipment.

"From my point of view, not doing digital condition reports at this point is negligence – there are so many issues with it. Once insurers understand that, the requirements must change."
John Robinette
JT Robinette Art & Artifacts Collections Management