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Using Articheck’s iOS and web apps, you can quickly create detailed reports in a centralized system.
Standardise your approach to condition reports across your organisation.

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Articheck's main features

Easily create condition reports

On the go or at your desk

Use our web and iOS apps to create reports wherever you are!
You only need to make an update once! Whatever changes you make on a device will be immediately taken into account, for your third parties to see.

Highlight damage

Select image annotations to highlight issues with standardised professional symbols and terminology and differentiate inherent marks, condition consistent with age, and areas for concern.

The standard damage terminology is something we have compiled from industry experts globally over several years, and continue to work on with our customer base.

Create reports both on and offline

Whether stuck in a warehouse, or working in a castle, Articheck allows you to work offline to create condition reports on your iOS device.
Next time you are online, you simply need to upload your queue.

Works with your database

Streamline your workflow and avoid duplication of data entry by having your database sync with Articheck. You can also upload your database by CSV and export in multiple formats.
Articheck has an API as well as partner integrations with all the major CMS, including Artsystems, Vernon, Collector Systems, MuseumPlus and ArtPlus.
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Standardise and tailor your reports to suit your needs

Industry specific standardised templates provide a wide range of options to provide any art world or heritage professional with a more consistent approach.
Articheck covers all bases, from basic shipper templates to detailed Museum and Conservation templates.
With a wide range of optional sections, such as Packing Requirements and Treatment Proposals, you can tailor each report to suit your needs.
Our condition reports have been used with a wide variety of objects, from ancient graffiti, to historic microscope templates, to vehicles.

Collaborate and share

Share your reports with colleagues, clients and collaborators through our GDPR-compliant system. It’s more secure than sending via email and allows you to easily share large file sizes.

Manage your workflow

Creating groups is a great way to keep your condition reports organised.

For example, you can create a group for each exhibition or shipment.

Archive reports

Our archive function lets you remove any reports that you no longer need to work on. This is useful if you need to deal with a high volume of reports. You can always un-archive later.

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