Virtual Conservator & Curator

Making Articheck the world’s first multimedia condition reporting system.

Conserving Le Saulaie with Virtual Curator

Condition isn’t static, it’s dynamic. IPARC’s conservation of La Saulaie is a landmark case study showing the impact of Virtual Curator on documentation and communication.

To see how IPARC used Virtual Curator to revolutionize their condition reporting processes, watch our video case study or click the link below.

Read the full Case Study

Why add Virtual Conservator or Virtual Curator?

1. Communicate

Colleagues and partners alike will appreciate dynamic project updates and video capabilities for reporting, conservation progress, and installation instructions.

2. Save Time

Avoid unnecessary meetings and travel by providing all of the relevant condition information and progress in one central location – updated in real time.

3. Stay Secure

With customizable sharing permissions and 2 Factor Authentication protecting your condition data, there’s no need to create security risks with email or Whatsapp.

"We have tested Virtual Curator here at IPARC and the client was very excited by the results. We have decided to offer this service on all our quotes. Articheck have thought everything through very thoroughly."
Obrecht De Boer
Partner Painting Conservator, IPARC

The Virtual Conservator and Curator add-ons enhance Articheck to be the world’s first multimedia condition reporting system. With video capabilities, conservation progress, installation instructions, and worldwide collaboration tools, effective communication is as easy as sharing an Articheck report.


Virtual Conservator

Virtual Curator

Change Check

No Change Check

Treatment Progress Check

Framing Progress Check

Vetting Check

Before And After Check

Installation Check

Deinstallation Check

Packing Check

Unpacking Check

Photo Capability

Video Capability

1 Condition Report Video

2 Condition Report Videos

Who is Virtual Conservator for?

Who is Virtual Curator for?

Interested in Virtual Conservator?

Interested in Virtual Curator?

"“In many projects, there are multiple parties involved so to be able to share information between all these different parties is very convenient for us. We have clients follow up on restorations and make decisions with us remotely, and this was an excellent tool to do that”
Leen Gysen
Managing Partner, IPARC.