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Virtual Courier

Virtual Courier is the world’s first software designed to record condition before, during, and after shipment. Virtual Courier is a project-based system, available within Articheck, that will transform how you reduce risk. 

Condition History

Articheck users can now view an artwork’s entire condition history in one place. Condition History presents users with a clear, chronological timeline of events.


Articheck Basic Training

Our Basic Training Course gives you all the tips and tricks you need to quickly and easily create highly professional, standardized condition reports. And, of course, it’s available for you to use whenever and however many times you need!

Summary PDFs

The Summary PDF includes basic condition notes and images in a document no longer than 2 pages.

Groups Search & Starring

Groups Search and Starring is a helpful organizational tool that makes finding Articheck groups faster and easier!

Change Default Language

Our most popular template Artwork / Object – Basic can now be completed in your chosen language, including: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, German or English. 

View A Report In 7 Languages

Need to share an Artwork / Object – Basic report with colleagues or institutions in other parts of the world? Now they can view their report in their chosen language, any one of the 8 now available!