How to create a condition report in our new iOS app

Articheck, the new industry standard: the most streamlined way to create condition reports

We’re pleased to announce that Articheck’s new iOS app is officially live. You can download it now from the app store.

To make sure you make the most of the iOS app, we’ve created a walkthrough of it below…

If you prefer to see a text-version, keep scrolling down!

How to access the iOS app

Download it from the app store now, and log in using your credentials.

You can still use the ‘old’ app at the same time as the new version. Any update you make in either will appear everywhere. However, we encourage you to move over to the new app when you can, as it should work better for you.

How to create a report in the iOS app

Click the + button and select “Add a report”.

Updating your report

There are three types of report templates: basic, standard and detailed, which differ for each media type. You can also add optional sections, some of which will be more pertinent to you depending on whether you are using the app as a shipper or a conservator for example.

Choose the best descriptive terms or combination of terms for the condition of your object. Create your own narrative using free text options or use standard terms for speed and consistency. 

These fields can all be updated at a later stage too.


You can create groups to manage your reports. For example, you could create a group for each exhibition or shipment.

Annotating images

Add images from your library or by using the device’s camera.

Once the photo is uploaded, you can add as many annotations as you need.

Click the plus sign and select a damage type. Choose the shape best suited to highlight the damage: a square, circle or freehand shape. Draw the shape and add notes to describe the damage. You can upload or take further photos to highlight specific damage.

If you’re unhappy with the shape, select “redraw shape” until you are satisfied. You can also drag and drop the annotation to move it to a different position on the image. If you’d like to delete an annotation, simply select the bin icon.

annotate photos

Sharing your report

There are three main ways of sharing your report:

  1. Share it as a PDF
  2. Share it as a read-only 
  3. Share it with updating privileges 

Sharing through the iOS app is more secure than sharing via email, and allows you to share large file sizes easily. To access the report, your collaborators or clients will be given access to a temporary Articheck account, which they can access from any device whether laptop, tablet or mobile.

Update it from any other device

You can input new data from any other device, using the iOS or web app.

Your changes will be instantaneously updated across all devices.

Download the iOS app now