How to invest in art affordably in 2020

Art purchasing still has the reputation of being an expensive investment. Yet, as an art-lover, there are now many ways to support your favourite artists without remortgaging your house. Here are just a few of our favourite methods.

Artwork on your mobile

If you love art, why not carry it with you everywhere? Downloading images of artwork and adding them to your phone’s wallpaper isn’t new, but how does this support the original artist? Meet Walli. Walli turns artworks by artists from around the world into wallpapers. Essentially, you can create a playlist with up to 11 images (free) or as many as you want (premium), and set a timer for their rotation. Therefore, throughout the day, your phone’s background will change to that of a new artwork you’ve selected.

This android and iOS app is freemium, with the premium cost being just 11,99 euros (currently 8,49 euros at a special discount). The revenue from premium accounts gets divvied up between the artists in function of their popularity across the app.

So, not only does your phone’s background bring a smile to your face, it will also make an artist’s day.

WalliApp buy artwork

Co-own your artwork

Not everyone has the space to display artwork in their homes, but if they want to still regularly support artists, there’s a brilliant way to do so. Meet Feral Horses. Feral Horses gives you the opportunity to co-own artwork at an affordable price. In essence, as a co-owner, you will be able to view the artwork several times. Co-owners also receive various perks including studio visits and the sensation of having done A Good Thing for the art world. When the artwork is eventually sold to a private or public collection, they will receive a share of the sale price, along with the other co-owners.

Feral Horses

Spread the costs out

Sometimes you fall in love with a piece, but gathering the funds quickly isn’t an easy feat. This is where ArtMoney comes in, with payment plans that make buying art affordable. When you buy through Artmoney, the gallery is paid within 10 days of the sale, whilst you pay 10 times over 10 months. ArtMoney takes the credit risk. It’s a win-win situation for both the buyer and the gallery.

Artmoney affordable art

Rent artwork

Want to discover the Next Big Thing? Well, that’s always a gamble, but with Rise Art, you can at least collect art affordably. There is work for every type of budget, and it is also possible to rent some of the artworks. The platform also comes with an “art personality test” to tailor the recommendations you receive.

rise art rent artwork

Buy Local

Finally, this last tip is by far the simplest: support your local art ecosystem. In other words: buy local!

Attend your neighbourhood gallery’s openings, buy works by local artists, and promote their endeavours on your social media. Go to degree art shows, visit independent markets and local art fairs – chances are, you’ll fall in love.