Digital transformation
consulting services

We help heritage organisations transform for tomorrow's challenges with our bespoke digital transformation consulting services.
We have now helped over 200 organisations ‘go digital’ with condition reporting. This includes streamlining and standardising process, migrating historic documentation, installing new protocols, integrating with existing systems, and training staff towards a more digital practice. We’ve also worked with organisations on digitally marketing their tech achievements, considering blockchain, big data analysis, and strategic aims.
Along the way we’ve become familiar with the CMS on the market, various suppliers and systems, and cutting edge tools used by startups like us globally.
Annika Erikson, our Founder and CEO, is a Museum Conservator turned Entrepreneur, who has raised millions in investment. She makes regular board reports and shareholder reports, and has learned how to communicate effectively in business terms. More effective Conservator / Collection Management communication with senior management has been highlighted in many industry conferences globally for the last decade as the number one area of the greatest need.  We can help you achieve this!
Get in touch now to find out more about how we can support your Digital Transformation Project.