Curating OVRs: Creating An Art Experience Online (Recording + Resources)


How can you curate an immersive and engaging Online Viewing Room experience?


This week on ArtEvolve we spoke about how to not just build but curate Online Viewing Rooms using physical space.

Marianne Magnin, UK Managing Director of Arteïa, and gallery owner David Levy share with us their collaboration on a curated Online Viewing Room and give their expert advice on what to consider when going through the process.

Together we will discover more about…

  1. How physical space can play an important part in an immersive Online Viewing Room.
  2. The function of storytelling in an online art experience.
  3. Questions you need to ask within your organization to create a curated OVR.


For the questions guide Marianne shares in the recording, please download the brochure here:




A special thank you to our guest speakers, Marianne Magnin, Arteïa UK Managing Director, and David Levy, Owner of David Levy Gallery.