Articheck Links Up With ITGallery

Create and access Articheck condition reports from ITGallery.


Articheck is pleased to announce a new API integration with ITGallery. 


With offices in Madrid and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ITGallery offers tailor-made solutions to galleries, artists, museums, collectors, and other art world stakeholders. Their visually compelling software simplifies workflows and boosts productivity, and is used by organizations in over 25 countries, particularly in the Spanish-speaking market. 


From Abián Zaya, Founder and CEO of ITGallery: 

“Our mission at ITGallery is to make navigating the art world easier and to offer all-encompassing solutions – and our partnership with Articheck will help us do just that. We’re delighted to offer our clients increased access to digital innovation.”


Thanks to Articheck and ITGallery’s API integration, users are now able to:  


  1. Instantly create condition reports from within the ITGallery platform. The click of a button is all it takes to turn existing collection information into a standardized Articheck digital condition report.
  2. Access Articheck from within ITGallery to make updates on condition reports from any location, thanks to Articheck’s web and iOS apps, which can be used from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. 
  3. Use Articheck Summary PDFs in ITGallery. The biggest obstacle to online sales, as per the Hiscox Art Market Report, is unknown condition. Articheck’s Summary PDF was created specifically to address this and will be saved in the ITGallery database as well as be accessible to buyers in ITGallery viewing rooms.



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