Creating A Sustainable Future: Reconditioning Art and Institutional Practice (Recording + Highlights)

This week on ArtEvolve we were joined by Ellie Porter, Head of Programme at Art360 Foundation; Katrina Stamatopoulos, an artist and co-founder of EquivalentBehaviour, North London; Tom Trevor, a writer, curator, and the Artistic Director of The Atlantic Project.

Our guests shared their approaches to sustainability – as artist, curator, and entrepreneur – and together we considered how we must recondition both our mindset and methods to enact change.



Katrina shared some of her work, which uses materials that would otherwise be considered waste, such as film clippings left on the cutting room floor and discarded bones from London’s St John Restaurant. She also spoke about EquivalentBehaviour, a project space in North London that she co-founded with Wojciech Kawczyk from StorqueStudios. The space features many material-led pieces, is home to a workshop and photographic scanning studio, and hosts exhibitions, events, and performances.

Download Katrina’s presentation here.



Tom focused on water and encouraged us to think about climate crisis and the role of the artist. He discussed his work curating The Atlantic Project in the port-city of Plymouth in 2018, ahead of the Mayflower 400 commemoration. The project commissioned a series of site-specific works and took place across in public contexts and outdoor locations, some of which were previously inaccessible to the public. Tom also shared his learnings from working with artists such as Peter Fend, Hito Steyerl, and Maria Thereza Alves.

Click here to download Tom’s slides.



Annika shared her experiences as a paper conservator turned entrepreneur and talked about the work Articheck is doing to drive sustainability in the art world. Art organizations can meet their 2030 targets with Articheck tools alone, reducing carbon emissions from buildings, staff travel, and freight, and saving money in the process. Annika spoke about how technology can help our cultural institutions transition to more sustainable practices and the role of culture in educating society and driving change (watch her 5-minute presentation at COP26 on this topic).

Download Annika’s slides here.



Thank you to DACS for jointly organizing this webinar and to our guests – Ellie Porter of Art360, Katrina Stamatopoulos, and Tom Trevor – for joining us.