How can I help collectors feel confident buying art online?

This week on ArtEvolve, we’re talking about selling art online.

Our guest is Anders Petterson, founder and Managing Director of ArtTactic, a pioneer in art market data and analysis. Their portfolio includes the Online Art Trade Report in partnership with Hiscox.

We’ll answer important questions, including:

  • How has the online art market changed in the last 12 months?

  • What are the top concerns for buyers when purchasing online?

  • How can organizations address challenges and remove barriers to sales?  

PLUS Q&A – get your questions answered! 

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It has never been more important for the art world to progress into the age of innovation. We believe we have a responsibility as art technology pioneers to help art organizations of all kinds make this transition successfully. The preservation of our cultural heritage and the future of art depend on it. 

ArtEvolve was created to help art professionals around the world think about old practices in new ways, learn from inventive pathfinders, and feel inspired to innovate their corner of the art world. 

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