Crown Fine Art UK

"Working using Articheck platform gives us a really clear and consistent report of the condition of the object."
David Preston
General Manager, Crown Fine Art UK
David Preston, General Manager, Crown Fine Art UK
“Crown Fine Art are an international fine art handling company. Some of the services we offer will be things like packing, shipping, storage, viewing rooms. Our business has been built on providing our clients with a quality service. Typically those clients would be museums, galleries, corporate collections, private collectors. It’s really varied. One thing which is in common is that every work is treated individually. Every type of work has got its own components and is vulnerable in different ways.”
Annika Erikson, CEO, Articheck
“We’ve been working with Crown Fine Art for some time now. They were one of the first shippers that signed up to the system, and we’ve been really pleased to develop a close working relationship with them. One of the most powerful things about the Articheck system is its ability to bring together the different tools to create a quick and easy approach to condition reporting. Articheck is designed in a modular fashion, which allows Crown to go into as much detail as is necessary, and very quickly.”
Paul Beaston, Senior Client Advisor and Project Manager, Crown Fine Art UK
“If we’re transporting an artwork, it’s really important that we know exactly what we’re handling and we can report this in advance.”