Virtual Courier Live Launch Event (Recording + Highlights)



What is Virtual Courier?

Virtual Courier is the world’s first software system designed to reduce risk before, during, and after shipment. Including photo and video capabilities, enhanced security protocols, and instant collaboration tools accessible from anywhere in the world, Virtual Courier is a project-based system within Articheck that will transform how you reduce risk. Use with a traditional courier, bookend couriers, or trusted partners.



Virtual Courier is…

  • Comprehensive: The Virtual Courier dashboard has everything you need to record condition during movement in one place. Create condition reports, complete transit checks, upload group documents and more in a snap with Articheck’s user-friendly interface.
  • Secure: With Virtual Courier you can customize access and update permissions for each person you share with, as well as upload secure documents. All object and shipment data is protected by 2 factor authentication.
  • Collaborative: Share a Virtual Courier group with anyone in the world to give them instant updates on the project. Any partner granted update permissions has unlimited usage – no Articheck subscription required.
  • Cost-effective: Virtual Courier is not only affordable but it’s project-based – so you only need to purchase it when you need it.
  • Sustainable: Cut your carbon footprint by reducing non-essential staff travel.



  • Martinspeed
  • Arteria
  • Crozier
  • Crown
  • Atelier FAS
  • MTAB


Technology Partners

  • zetcom – zetcom’s tailor-made software solutions are developed in-house from a to z and include MuseumPlus and ArtPlus. They guarantee tested and practice-approved collection management software, which is in use daily around the world.
  • HanHaa ParceLive  ParceLive is a real-time cargo monitoring solution that provides users with information about the location, condition, and security of their assets regardless of country, method of transport, carrier, or scale.
  • Conserv  Conserv’s platform for preventive conservation integrates risk management for environment, pests, disasters, and other agents of deterioration in a single tool for collections.

Virtual Courier Features

For more information about Virtual Courier features, visit the Virtual Courier Product Page.


Moving the 4000-lb Black Forest with Virtual Courier

Atelier FAS, a shipper and storage solutions specialist, had the delicate task of transporting a 10-foot, 4000-lb sculpture across the US. From a risky installation to unresolved condition concerns, it was a precarious move that required the Atelier FAS team to be extra vigilant.

To see how they used Virtual Courier in their multi-step handling process, read the case study.

Stills from video footage filmed during Virtual Courier Transit Checks.


Thanks again to our trusted partners and everyone involved in making the Virtual Courier launch a success. We appreciate you taking the time to ask questions, provide feedback, and join us on our Virtual Courier journey.

If you have additional questions or are interested in exploring using Virtual Courier, you can book a call with our team here.