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Quickly create condition reports to keep up with the fast pace of a gallery.

Less paperwork, more professionalism

Produce professional standardised reports for clients and institutions in a fraction of the time.
Handle loans, international art fairs, and new shows across multiple sites with ease. Your condition reports can be updated from any device and shared with your team, clients and collaborators, wherever they are.
“We don't know what we did before Articheck. It's so much a part of things now — we can't imagine life without it!”
Kit Merritt
Head Technician, Lisson Gallery

Lisson Gallery

Improving workflow and saving time.
pre-sales tool art gallery

Encourage Sales

Use condition reports to empower your clients to make a purchasing decision. Send your report as pre-sales tool at fairs, and for online enquiries.

“This will revolutionise how we work.
You thought of everything. It’s amazing.”
Halcyon Gallery

Build a traceable history of movement, sale, and condition

Articheck provides a digital ‘passport for art’ that is stored centrally and can be accessed and stamped by each party while the work is in transit or being exhibited. Consolidate everything practical about the art in one place. This will be valuable record in future for authenticity records and support for increased valuation.
Articheck add a check
“Exhibitions are a busy time for us, Articheck makes the condition checking part of the process so much quicker. I just have it loaded up on my ipad and it works seamlessly creating very detailed reports in no time at all!”
Exhibition & Collection Registrar, Zabludowicz Collection