Articheck & Arteïa Integrate

Create & access Articheck condition reports from Arteïa’s Collect platform.


Articheck, the art technology organization that pioneers a new standard in digital condition reporting, is pleased to announce its API integration with Arteïa, one of the world’s leading providers of tech solutions to artists, collectors, galleries, and other art professionals.


Based over four locations in Europe, Arteïa offers a comprehensive suite of digital tools that encompasses cloud-based collection management, online viewing rooms, catalogues raisonnés, and more. Arteïa empowers all actors in the art market to be in control of their collections and inventories at all times; to protect, monitor, and enhance the value of their assets and when they decide to share information, to do so securely and electively.



From Marianne Magnin, UK Managing Director at Arteïa: 

“To collaborate with Articheck is in complete congruence with our long term vision of offering to the art world a comprehensive set of integrated solutions to facilitate a more efficient and friendly ecosystem. We are thrilled to partner with Articheck to bring digital innovations to the art market.”


Articheck and Arteïia’s API integration enhances the digital solutions of both parties:


  1. Digital Condition Reports. As of early 2021, Arteïa’s Collect platform will be fully integrated with Articheck, allowing users to seamlessly incorporate existing collection information into standardized Articheck condition reports and access these reports from Collect.
  2. Digital Catalogues Raisonnés. The ultimate reference source for art experts is set to become even more comprehensive as Articheck will furnish Arteïa with detailed condition reporting ready for use in its digital catalogues raisonnés, thereby enabling an anchoring of condition information in the blockchain.
  3. Online Viewing Rooms. Articheck and Arteïa are joining forces to help artists, galleries, and art institutions optimize their online sales process. Arteïa online viewing rooms (OVRs) will offer the functionality to attach an Articheck condition report or Summary PDF at the click of a button.


From Annika Erikson, Founder & CEO at Articheck:

“We are delighted to partner with Arteïa. Having grown alongside each other for years, both organizations always had a great respect for each other’s experience and approach to the market. Marianne and I already work together on several industry-leading tech initiatives, such as the Art Identification Standard, so I can attest to our shared ambition to drive the art world forwards.” 


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