ArtEvolve: A Weekly Webinar Series

The team at Articheck is thrilled to announce our latest initiative:



As we all experience the impact of this global pandemic, it has never been more important for the art world to come together and evolve into the age of innovation. At Articheck, we’ve decided to put our expertise in art industry innovation towards helping art organizations of all kinds make the transition successfully. The preservation of our cultural heritage and the future of art depend on it. 


And that is why we created ArtEvolve. This completely free weekly webinar series will be available to anyone in the art world who is looking for community, answers, and ideas during this difficult period and beyond. 


The ArtEvolve Weekly Webinar Series has 3 primary objectives:


1. Think about old practices in new ways.


When organizations that have worked together in one place for decades, or even centuries, suddenly having the whole team working remotely from home it’s going to be an adjustment. But beyond using Zoom for video meetings or Google Drive for project collaboration, many of our core processes have stayed the same. And those projects that require physical tools or paper documents still sitting in the office have come to a complete standstill. 


But what if we didn’t have to pause these projects? What if we could come up with new ways to go about old practices, even evolving important projects so they can be done from anywhere? Join us weekly to discuss solutions and adaptations specifically designed for art organizations. Through a combination of technology, creativity, and inspiration we can do this together. 

But we also know that these modifications can feel like quite the undertaking. Which brings us to our second objective.



2. Share advice from innovative pioneers.


Although our team at Articheck has some valuable experience (which we look forward to sharing with you!), we don’t know everything. And that’s why we are teaming up with pioneering art professionals around the world who will join the conversation and offer their expertise. From supply chain to virtual exhibitions, optimizing current processes to future proofing your organization, we have already lined up some fantastic guest speakers for you. We are all in this together, and you’ll be amazed at the things you’ll learn in the coming weeks!



3. Inspire you to evolve your corner of the art world. 


Our ultimate goal with the ArtEvolve Series is to give you and your organization the support you need to evolve. And we know that, due to the pandemic, a lot of organizations are frantically rushing to find ways to continue operating. But rather than this time being about a confusing, cryptic, and chaotic scramble for makeshift fixes, we hope that the ArtEvolve resources and information can help to guide you and your organization to make strategic choices, or at least inspire you to think about long term solutions. 


Want to join us? You can find out this week’s topic and reserve your spot each week using this link: