Creating condition reports with Articheck saves around 30 minutes per report,
meaning you save up to one whole month of staff time for every 280 reports.

  • Intuitive design enables you to quickly and easily enter information about an object and its condition.
  • Attach images to a report, together with annotations and close-ups to add detailed damage information.
  • Base new reports on earlier versions to quickly skip through details like artist, frame details and dimensions when completing a report.
  • Mobile format and voice recognition improves close observation of each work.
  • Produces professional PDF reports, finished with your logo and signature.
  • Reports can be securely and instantly shared directly from your device.
  • Integrates with collection management systems. Also offers integration via the Articheck API and CSV import/export.
  • Builds a history of movement, exhibitions and condition.
  • Working towards industry standards, with copyrighted symbol set and collection of terminology.
  • Administer your organisation, users, objects and reports from the Articheck web portal.
Current Templates

Articheck's templates currently cover:

  • Paintings
  • Works of art on paper
  • Sculptures
  • Objects
  • Antiques
  • Textiles
  • Books

Upcoming Templates

  • Videos
  • Installations
  • Archives

Have a priority template? Would you like a template not listed here? Please Contact us to let us know!